Consignment Policies

Thank you for your interest in consigning with Snickerpoodles Consignment Shoppe. Below are our general guidelines and information for consignors.

Consign Design

We accept items on a drop-off basis. We take consignment Tuesday Through Friday during normal business hours. We will set up your personal account, label all your items and present you with a consignment contract. A seasonal consignment schedule has been provided for your convenience. We accept items for the current season only. We choose items that will sell and compliment our existing inventory. A maximum of 30 items may be dropped off each week.

Accepted/Unaccepted Items

Accepted items will be entered into our computer system under your personal account and will remain on the sale floor for a period of ninety days. At the end of the consignment period you may retrieve your unsold items within two weeks of the expiration date, or choose to have them donated to charity. It is your responsibility to remember the expiration dates and retrieve your items promptly. All unsold items left past the two week grace period will become property of Snickerpoodles.

Non-accepted items will be set aside for you to pick up (a courtesy call will be placed for non-accepted items and you will have seven business days to retrieve them). You may choose to have the non-accepted items donated to charity. All unaccepted items left past the seven day grace period will become property of Snickerpoodles.

Snickerpoodles has partnered with many local children's charities in order to directly benefit and meet the needs of the youth in our community.

Consignors will receive 50% of our selling price for both clothing and furniture. Prices are set by management and can be reduced without prior notice. It is our goal to achieve the highest price possible for your items and will only discount items based on inactive or seasonal basis. Payment is applied directly to your account upon the sale of your item. Account credit can be used in the store and never expires. Credit accumulates as items sell and remains in the consignor's account until applied toward a purchase.

Snickerpoodles is not responsible for the loss of consigned articles through fire, theft, vandalism, or natural disaster.

Inventory Guidelines

Please save us time by pre-screening your clothing and other items for stains or excessive wear.


We take children's clothing in sizes newborn to junior size 5/6. We accept a range of brands and styles, but request the clothing brands reflect department store, name brand retail stores, and upscale boutique items. Providing these quality clothing items helps offer our customers quality products and provides our consignors the opportunity to flip and find the items they love.

Clothing requirements:

  • Freshly laundered (preferably in an unscented detergent)
  • Free of stains, holes, piling and excessive wear
  • Folded neatly or laid flat. (helps the presentation of your items)


Shoes must be in excellent condition. Soles may not be worn out and buckles, straps, and laces must be in good working order. Sport shoes must also be in excellent condition and free from any debris.

Athletic/Performance Wear

Seasonal sports equipment will be accepted and is required to be freshly laundered. Pads, protectors, etc. must be in good working order. Leotards, performance costumes, skate dresses and dance wear must be free of snags, rips, or tears and should reflect high quality costume wear. Ballet slippers, jazz, and tap shoes, as well as ice/hockey skates must be in excellent condition.


We are looking for high-quality toys for infants, toddlers, school-age children, and preteens. We accept most types of toys, books and media. If your child enjoyed playing with it, and it has remained in good condition, we'll be happy to take a look.

Toy requirements:

  • In good condition, clean and in good working order
  • Toys with multiple parts should not be missing any important pieces
  • Battery-operated toys should have working batteries installed
  • If you have the original packaging, please bring it in.

We will accept popular title children's books, video game components, systems, games, CD's, and DVD's . Books must be in decent condition with no torn, drawn in, or bent pages. Game systems must be in working order with all components and accessories present. CD's and DVD's should be in the original case and must be free of scratches resulting in defective performance.


Strollers, backpack carriers, high chairs, bouncy seats, car seats etc. should be given a good cleaning before they are brought in. Please check the wheels of ride-on toys and strollers for dried mud etc. and make sure fabric is free of noticeable stains.

  • All equipment should be less than 3 years old. Whenever possible, please include the owner's manual and assembly instructions.
  • Baby equipment is often recalled for minor problems. Please do a quick recall search before bringing items in to save yourself trouble transporting them in the event there has been a recall. You can do a search on the Consumer Product Safety Commission web site:

Large items are accepted in the store. Cribs, dressers, changing tables, combination suites, motorized vehicles, etc. can also be photographed to be displayed to eliminate the breakdown and transporting process while allowing us to represent, advertise, and sell your item.


Bedding, rugs, pillows, nap sacks, curtains, etc. must be in excellent condition with no tears, rips, or stains. All bedding sets must include the appropriate set pieces.

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